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Horizontal single-stage single suction centrifugal pump with overhung impeller
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Name:KT Aircondition pump

General Instruction: This series of pumps are single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifulgal pumps with overhumg impeller, the capacity of this pump ranges from 30 to 1900 m3/h, the head ranges from 3 to 145m, and the working temperature ranges from -10 -10-80℃.

Working pressure may reach 1.6Mpa when inlet diameter≤200, and when inlet diameter≤350, the working pressure may reach 1.0Mpa.Type KT air-condition pump is a kind of single-stage centrifugal pump for central air-conditioning. Pump shaft seals use mechanical seals, using lengthened coupling, when maintain, shouldn’t move the motor. The pump features are smooth operation, long operating life, less leaking, easy maintenance. Materials: pump casing, pump covewr-cast iron or nodular cast iron; impeller-cast iron or cast copper; shaft-carbon steel or stainless steel. Making of the pump: e.g.KT250-200-400A, 250-inlet diameter (mm); 200-outlet diameter (mm); 400-nominal diameter of impeller; A-the first modification of impeller diameter.