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Horizontal single-stage single suction centrifugal pump with overhung impeller
Horizontal single-stage double suction centrifugal pump
Horizontal multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
Horizontal multistage split casing centrifugal pump
Horizontal multi-casing multistage split casing centrifugal pump
Vertical single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump
Vertical multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
Vertical multistage centrifugal barrelpump
Vertical mixed flow pump
Vacuum pump
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  Shandong Provience,P.R.China
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Name:CZ Biphase flow model slurry pump
Codename:This series of pumps are single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifulgal pumps with overhumg impeller, the hydraulic design is based on soilid-liquid phases flow, its characteristic is when pumps the high concentration of slurry, the efficiency of the pump is not decrease. The volume concertration of the slurry is 60%-70%, the temperature of the medium is not more than 120℃. Pump adopts double volute structure, the flowing parts are produced by wear resisting casting iron. According to the condition of usage, the user can choose packing shaft seal or auxiliary impeller seal etc.